ChandarChandar: Art by Chandra Leming

Chandra has had a passion for the arts for many years. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma as the product of a family tree littered with artists and musicians, creative talent came quick and easy. Her love and desire to produce works of art has led to numerous awards, exhibitions, and commissions. She received a bachelor of fine arts in studio art from The University of Oklahoma in the spring of 2009, focusing in printmaking and sculpture.

Chandra's current interests include illustrative designs and mixed media works; employing the use of drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and recycled and reclaimed materials. Works may range anywhere in size from miniature canvases to large murals, though she is most fascinated by the minute and the magnificent.

Chandra currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana and may be contacted by email or phone to purchase work, or to request commissioned works and custom designs.